When you like someone so much you’re at a loss for words everytime they text you

First show on the grass with my baby needless to say she didn’t want to touch a rail… Love her❀️

People often ask me why there are so many crazy people in the equestrian world. My response is that it takes a crazy person to pay an obscene amount of money to jump horses over wooden sticks.

Learning how to be a white girl

So prom happened

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QuestionWhere are you from? Answer

I’m from California :)

She does not want to touch anything 😍

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QuestionYou should use tumblr more often!! It's just perfect and river is such a cutie!! Answer

Thank you I’ll try! I don’t really know what I’m doing but thank you for saying that it’s very sweet 😁


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Video source [X]

I have a life that nobody understands
I have a passion and a drive that nobody comprehends
I have a vision of somewhere I want to be but I’m stuck in all this mediocrity
I’m young I’m reckless but I’m still wise
I’m confidant and careful but I’m still fed lies
I’m stuck here and all I want to see is all of life’s truth and majesty
Know I know life is full of adversity

Soaking up the sunlight β˜€οΈ

QuestionI think we should get married 😏 Answer

And why is that 😏

I’m so grateful to get to see this beautiful girl everyday

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Questionyou need to be on tumblr more often i need more pictures of River in my life!! Answer

Ok I’ll try!!! Sorry I’m just starting this up so I’m not very good at it but I will start trying more :)

QuestionHey! I'm looking to buy a new schooling bridle, and since the last time I bought one for schooling was ten years ago and it was like $30, I really need some recommendations as far as brands go. Care to help me out? Answer

To be completely honest I’m not super good with bridle brands I mean I don’t know your budget but I like Edgewood and most of the high end saddle company’s make bridals I like CWD, Antares, Voltaire are the ones Iike. But when it comes to cheaper bridals which is all I buy I just go down to my tack shop and find one I like and if they don’t have one I like I’m friends with all of them in there and they order me whatever I need. I hope his helps somewhat sorry!